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When we were kids, we assumed that everyone who bought chocolates for us loved us, didn’t we? At least I did. People often talk about love, but most of us are not aware about it’s true essence. What do you think love is? Is it the feeling of butterflies in your stomach? Is it the feeling of smiling instantly when you look at someone? Well, I truly believe that if you look for love in a partner, only once can you feel this emotion when that one person manages to turn your world around. When everything around you seems magically in place, yes, it sounds like it’s a fairy tale. Of course it is, can you feel the same emotion for everyone? You cannot. I think love is that bond between two people, that grows with them, that molds them into a better person. Love is not about giving up, compromising or changing yourself for the other, it is about accepting each other for the people they are and helping each other for the better. You share hopes for the future, your dreams and your goals because you believe that it’s possible with him.

Things about you that seem insignificant to others may seem cute to him, you may not like the way you laugh but he would find it cute, these little things help the emotion of love grow stronger. Love is not a feeling, it is an emotion we all yearn for. It starts right from a newborn baby that craves for his mother’s attention. Love is the purest emotion of them all, it over comes the strongest of obstacles. However, in the area of love, there is a misconception that others ought to provide us with what we expect, which is the cause of so much unhappiness.

Love is another form of dedication, passion and growth that evaluates and brings out the happiness from within. We all like to love be loved, or should I say, love to be loved. Love is the strength that keeps you going, the hope that keeps you lasting, the light that brings you forward. The word love cannot be defined because it in itself has various connotations. All the dictionaries have various definitions but only our dictionary of life could help us understand what love means in our life and to our soul.

Love is a sign that spring can’t be far away.

Keep loving.

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