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Welcome to Global Biz ! When history reaches a turning point, there are those who watch and those who act. Planning a million things sound easy, however executing one of them tend to become a tedious task.  We at Global Biz, would become a bilateral part of the society that bring out the creative ideas start ups have to share. We at Global Biz are both observers and participants in the making of new economic history. The purpose of our existence is to evaluate, expound and showcase the awesome spark of creation in every entrepreneur and change maker. This not only brings out youngsters that have got the X factor but also helps them gain the confidence in this on going society.

Global Biz is a platform for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ecosystem. We would be covering the stories of startups and also will let the world hear the stories.

Global Biz also works with some of the biggest brands worldwide, enhancing their visibility and engagement with a tech-savvy base of readers through high-quality content. This helps start-ups and large scale business centers gain the required exposure.

Our mission has been to tell stories that matter, stories with heart, with drive, and that wouldn’t be possible without the passion of our team – they are the heart and soul of Global Biz They each have something that drives them to write, build, design, shoot, edit and publish these stories.

Global Biz aims at not only bringing out the stories but also make them a reality. Global Biz has become the growing ladder between dreams and reality. It is that part of the ecosystem that helps us achieve the universe we wish for. Come be a part of this extraordinary program where your dreams touch the reality !

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