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Alice Laura Model & Hostess agency is an international high-quality staffing & modeling agency with its main office in Plano, Texas.

Alice Laura, the owner, has worked for major modeling & staffing agencies on many national and international conventions, events and trade shows throughout Europe and Latin America. She did this while completing her Master degree in Political Economy and International Relations at the Free University in Berlin and fluently learning six foreign languages apart from her mother tongue, German. Her broad live marketing experience and talent for foreign languages has allowed her to understand exactly which proficiency is demanded of a model to best promote a product or brand.

Interview with Alice Laura

1. What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e., What is your source of motivation?
My source of motivation is that I am able to create value and new opportunities for others. I love being the force that drives our talent/models to work on themselves intellectually, to learn new languages or get to know more about an industry they may be interested in. Every day I work on getting a little closer to fulfilling the company’s vision. I would love for the agency to become an ethical modeling and staffing agency that, on the one hand, empowers young people by being able to finance their studies and invest on their education. While on the other hand, it supports good ethical businesses with their marketing, branding and lead generation.
2. Why should people choose your product / service?
Our company specializes in placing high fashion models skilled in sales, brand promotion and hosting for upscale events, trade shows and fashion events. We are known for the class, elegance and intellect of our models. We have found our niche focusing on elegance, class and competence, rather than short dresses. A high degree of education, knowledge of foreign
languages and a very attractive look, are only a few qualifications that are required of our talent. We want our models to be valuable team members for the company, who help translate, filter important clients, direct customers to the right contact person and make any event, trade show or marketing campaign a success.
3. What comes first for you money or emotions?
For me emotions definitely come first. Wealth does not guaranty happiness and fulfillment. Most important for me is that I am able to do something I like, that aligns with my values and belief system, while at the same time, gives me freedom and time to enjoy life with my loved ones.
4. Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.
My proudest accomplishment so far has been being able to grow the business in the US market. It was a completely foreign terrain for me and I came across a lot of cultural differences and personal challenges. Before, I had studied and worked in different countries, but I had never before launched my own business in a foreign country. It has been a challenge for sure, but I am proud to say that I have been able to make valuable connections and partnerships. Now, I have a better understanding about US business life and culture.
5. How do you handle the pressure?
I meditate a lot, do yoga, exercise and dance. All these activities give me balance and help me relax and stay focused. Every evening I write done the most urgent tasks that need to get done. Usually, it ́s only a very short list and these are usually the main things I focus on the following day. This allows me to handle pressure and focus. Furthermore, my team and my business partner, Salomon, help me a lot with creating a good working system that make
everything much easier. I am very thankful for the support and advice.
6. What advice would you give to someone starting out ?
You will be definitely making sacrifices being an entrepreneur; still, I would not change it for any corporate job. Starting a company is always a challenge. From creating a logo, a website, building valuable connections and scouting talent, to making sure strict quality standards are kept, in the beginning, you are basically doing everything. You feel every success and failure that comes across and it is a ride of emotions. I learned the importance of delegating tasks in order to focus on growing the company. Otherwise, you are loaded with work and have no time to think about the bigger picture. It is a challenge and a constant learning process. People see only the iceberg of success, not the late nights, sacrifices, rejections, doubts, risks, persistence and hard work that come with it.
Thank you so much GlobalBiz for having me here. I hope this interview will be an eye opener for many. Wishing the team and the readers just the best.
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