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Avani Singh is a Style Coach™ – Image Consultant, Stylist and Life Coach. She has done her training from Style Coaching Institute, London. Also, she has apprenticed with the best Celebrity Stylist, Style Strategist and Style Architect of India, Ami Patel where she got the opportunity to work with celebs like Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Isha Ambani, Kangana Ranaut, Katrina Kaif, Madhuri Dixit, Fatima Sheikh, Ananya Pandey and many others.

In addition to this, Avani holds certification from Cambridge University, UK in Business English Communication.

It is such a pleasure to feature this young talent at Global Biz.

Interview with Avani Singh

1.What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e., What is your source of motivation ? 

Its both the fear and hope that makes me leave my bed and get back to work. It is the fear of letting all the past hard work go in vain and the hope of getting the reward . Every morning I sit and think  about how far I have come and how far Im to my ultimate goal . Every time I think of quitting and to be honest I think about it quite a few times , I see all that I have achieved and tell myself ‘what a waste would it be to quit now’ . So thats what keeps me going .


2.What made you realize you would want to do this ?

I have always wanted to do something good for people because Im addicted to the satisfaction and happiness it gives to me ; and in time I have realised that Style Coaching is the best way to do it. Once I started working and never getting tired of what I do is a constant reminder to me that Im doing exactly what I should do . You can even call it a hit and trial method cause I have done a lot of things in the past like did a year in Law and then quite it .


3.Why should people choose you / your product / service ?

I could literally give you ‘100 reason why” but Im just gonna give you this one , I believe in the  concept of Style Coaching. I do it because I believe in it and practice it myself and I can assure you that it has put me in a better place, I’m more confident , my self-esteem is in right place and I’m satisfied . And in today’s scenario we all can agree that these 3 things don’t come easy.


4.What comes first for you, money or emotions ?

Definitely emotions , because naturally also Im a very emotional person and to the extent that I often end up embarrassing myself , I mean I even cry watching movies .


5.Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.

Well answer to this question keeps on changing with time as our latest achievement turns out to be the biggest. But something that I can always be proud of is the fact that my mom is proud of me .


6.How do you handle the pressure ?

I think one can’t handle pressure, you just have to learn to live with it and with time you get used to it, so same is with me I have days when I get really frustrated and tensed but as they are “days” so they pass. However yoga really helps in calming the mind, one must try it.


7.What advice would you give to someone starting out ? 

To someone who is starting out, I would say, ‘take your time’ because the rest we eventually figure out.


8.As for Celebrity Styling we can see that you style various celebrities but why do you only talk about Style Coaching ? 

The answer to it is because it is unique and Im the Youngest Style CoachTM in India . As a Style CoachTM I work ‘one-to-one’ with a client , helping them achieve a whole new look , new confidence , become the person they want to be and live a frustration-free ,balanced , happy and fulfilled life. A Style CoachTM is uniquely trained in personal styling, body-image coaching, life coaching, personal shopping, color and image consultancy skills and even personal branding !

It was such a pleasure to have had a word with you guys. All the very best Global biz on this mission to hear and let the world hear stories. Happy to have been a part 🙂
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