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Benjamin Leggitte is a private chef/entrepreneur. He has been in the culinary industry for 8 years and has worked as a chef for many top restaurants including Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen. Just recently a few months ago he decided to start his own private chef business. He offers many food services from exclusive private dinners to meal prep for his clients.
It is such a pleasure for us at The Global Biz to feature Benjamin.

Interview with Benjamin Leggitte

1. What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e., What is your source of motivation? 

My source of motivation is the love and support I get from my family and from social media.

2. What made you realize you would want to do this ? 

I started to realize starting my own business was something I wanted to do because,I knew I had the talent and knowledge to accomplish my goal of starting my own private chef business and with hard work and determination it worked out.

3. Why should people choose you / your product / service ? 

People should select my private chef services because every dish I create it is with love and pure perfection your getting more than just a meal your getting a experience.

4. What comes first for you, money or emotions? 

Definitely emotions because money cannot buy happiness.I always felt like if your constantly chasing money you’ll never enjoy what your doing when you start enjoying what you do the money will chase you. 

5. Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of. 

The best accomplishment is that I’m able to help inspire other up and coming chefs that want to do the same and knowing I inspired someone else to do the same is truly an accomplishment for me.

6. How do you handle the pressure? 

I just make sure my mental health is on point and focused everyday it gets hard sometimes but nobody ever said it would be easy but it’s definitely worth it. 

7. What advice would you give to someone starting out ?

For anyone that wants to start a private chef business make sure that you are consistent and constantly learning about different types of cusines and using social media to market yourself and connect with other chefs as well .I will share this as well one thing I have learned is that in the culinary industry you never stop learning and the more you learn the more valuable you are so expanding your knowledge is the key.

All thanks to my mom. Watching her cook is what really got me started cooking. Thankyou Global Biz for the feature 🙂
Benjamin Leggitte
Benjamin Leggitte
Private Chef / Entrepreneur
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