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Interview with Benjamin Leggitte

Benjamin Leggitte

Benjamin Leggitte is a private chef/entrepreneur. He has been in the culinary industry for 8 years and has worked as a chef for many top restaurants including Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen. Just recently a few months ago he decided to start his own private chef business. He offers many food services from exclusive private dinners to meal prep for his clients. It…

Interview with Lex Turner Jr

Lex Turner Jr

Lex Junior is an entrepreneur, marketing specialist, web designer, content creator, and owner of Rebel Revamp Marketing Agency based in Fayetteville, North Carolina. As a creative she loves assisting business owners and entrepreneurs, enhance their business ideas while solving their marketing and branding needs via social media and traditional marketing. It is such a pleasure to feature Lex Turner Jr at Global…

Interview with Teresa Saffold

Teresa Saffold

The Global Biz is so proud to feature Teresa Saffold in this exclusive interview. One superpower who has changed a lot of lives and has whole heartedly chosen a job that changes millions of lives in a positive way. Teresa Saffold is an author, entrepreneur, speaker and a lot more. Take a peek into her world. Interview with Teresa Saffold 1.What gets…

Interview with Immanuel Debeer

Immanuel Debeer

It is such an honor to have a word with and to feature Immanuel Debeer, the man behind Flight Hacks. From the creative pop up that he has enabled in his website to the content that he provides, to the attractive instagram posts that he puts up, Immanuel Debeer is no doubt , one of the most trusted and sought after personalities…

Interview with JazzyB Byrd


JazzyB is a Celebrity Journalist, Entertainer, Host, Radio Personality, and Actress. Global Biz feels that she is here to make a change by the way of being a professional viber & energy creator giving  sauce, sass and up close & personal celebrity Interviews. Interview with JazzyB Byrd 1. What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e., What is your source…