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Interview with Benjamin Leggitte

Benjamin Leggitte

Benjamin Leggitte is a private chef/entrepreneur. He has been in the culinary industry for 8 years and has worked as a chef for many top restaurants including Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen. Just recently a few months ago he decided to start his own private chef business. He offers many food services from exclusive private dinners to meal prep for his clients. It…

Interview with Silvia Vianello


Silvia Vianello is the award-winner of the Top Middle East Woman Leader at the Asian Leadership Awards, was featured in 2018 in the prestigious Top 100 Forbes Italian Women list and won the award as Pioneering Woman Leader Award at the World Woman Leadership Congress. Silvia is currently Professor and Director of Innovation at SPJain Business School, Top 4 business school in…

Krakakoa Chocolate Company

Krakakoa Dark Chocolate

Krakakoa is a “farmer-to-bar” chocolate company working to empower smallholder cocoa farmers, increase sustainability in the cocoa sector, and produce premium chocolate in Indonesia. Their vertically integrated operations covers farmer training, bean sourcing and procurement, chocolate manufacturing, and retail. It is such an honor to have had a word with and to feature Sabrina Mustopo, the CEO and Founder of Krakakoa. Interview…

Interview with Prateek


In a world of dreams, here is Prateek Tirthani who has made his dream come true. A very passionate traveller who is a fond of creating contents, got into it without any second thoughts and here we have him to get an insight into his world.  The Global Biz is so happy to have a word with Prateek. Interview with Prateek Tirthani…

Interview with Vicky Kuperman

Vicky Kuperman

Russian-born Vicky Kuperman has performed nationwide for over a decade and was named one of Huffington Post’s new comedians to watch.  She’s been seen on Live From Gotham, Nickelodeon, The Maxim comedy Showcase and heard regularly on SiriusXM.  Her comedy albums When I Could Feel, All Good! and Three’s Comedy are in regular rotation on SiriusXM, and her book How to Spy on Your Neighbor was top 10 in…

Interview with Joely


The Global Biz is so happy to have got an opportunity to have a word with Joely. Very rarely do we find genuine talents who are so passionate on what they are doing and Joely is one among them who has many feathers on her cap.  Interview with Joely 1. what gets you out of bed in the morning i.e., what is…