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When life throws lemons, make lemonade.

Why do we  use the fruit lemon in this phrase?

Why don’t we use other fruits such as watermelon, orange etc.

The reason being, lemon is considered to be an extremely sour fruit and by adding sugar to it, it can be converted to an exotic sweet refreshment drink. This is exactly how our life goes on with every next day we face various difficulties which life throws at our face. And by adding some strength and patience it turns out to be a good experience.

Today’s topic is homemade lemonade, though it sounds cliché there’s so much we don’t know about the fruit and its benefits. Well, personally I’ve had a great experience with the fruit in terms of detox. I’ve suffered with moderate acne for years now, if there’s any solution to it, it’s detox. Making lemonade at home has various benefits because there are no added preservatives or different kinds of sugar. You can make the drink as you like and customize it your way. There’s nothing like a fresh squeezed lemon in a big glass  on a hot summer day! 

Also here are a few facts that I’m guessing you all are unaware off :

Lemonade helps –

In hydration

In acting as a good source of Vitamin C

In weight loss

Improves the quality of your skin

….and many more!

Isn’t that absolutely brilliant? Of course it is! A tiny fruit with a bunch of benefits and good to taste what else could we ask for. Taking five minutes from our busy schedule and making a glass of lemonade will help us in the long run.

So, folks what are you waiting for? From the scorching hot beach of  Miami to Goa, lemonade is served through out the world for it’s enriching benefits and quality. Making the drink at home improves it’s effect on our health and helps in the long run especially for my girls that suffer with acne, this homemade drink will change your life. Don’t waste anymore time, get on, make a drink and enjoy it’s benefits with minimum cost!

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