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The Global Biz is so happy to have got an opportunity to have a word with Joely. Very rarely do we find genuine talents who are so passionate on what they are doing and Joely is one among them who has many feathers on her cap. 

Interview with Joely

1. what gets you out of bed in the morning i.e., what is your source of motivation?

What gets me out of bed, usually at the crack of dawn, is knowing I have to get to the gym. I can’t have a productive day if I don’t work out before the rest of my day gets going. What motivates me to keep going throughout the rest of the day is knowing that I have been through a lot of rejection in my life (castings, meetings, interviews) and because of all that, nothing is going to make me give up now. When I interview and talk to people, live online or in person, that makes other people feel better and that motivates me more than anything.


2. What made you realize you would want to do this?

Growing up, I always thought that I wanted to be a supermodel. I started modeling when I was 5 years old in New York City, traveling from Upstate New York four hours away to NYC weekly, modeling for Vogue, Tommy Hilfiger, Target, Children’s Place, the cover of Newsweek, and more. Getting my makeup done, playing dress up on set, all seemed like a dream, plus, I looked
at it as normal since I was young, I didn’t know it was a job. I never even knew I got paid until I was 10 and figured it out when a trust fund letter came and I happen to check our mail that day. As the years went on, I was still convinced all I wanted to be was on the cover of every magazine. At age 10, that changed. I entered an online video contest and won a spot as a Sports Illustrated Kid Reporter. I was holding a Sports Illustrated microphone and doing live interviews with NFL football players and bigtime athletes. From then on, I found every outlet there was to go live and talk to people. I started out setting up a studio with flashing lights and a backdrop in my bedroom – it was so cheesy looking back on it. I’ve been on all the platforms I could find –, TV, YouNow, TikTok, Popshop, and now in studio with Young Hollywood. Young Hollywood was a huge goal, I would watch interviews over and over on the treadmill saying to myself “one day that will be me on the YH couch asking the questions.” I actually remember when I had a triumph moment during tapings for a Speech 101 class I took, I’ve had only a few in my life, but I called my sister and perfectly remember me saying, “I am going to
become a host, how cool would that be? – I wonder if my sister remembers that. When I ventured out, started livestreaming, building up viewers from across many different platforms, pitched show ideas to brands and companies, then found out through experiences that hosting was what I really loved to do. Trust me, it was not easy. I’ve doubted myself, wanted to switch it up, I always question myself, but at the end of the day, when people start opening up to me and say, “Wow, I’ve never told anyone that”, or, “No one else knows this but…” that’s what makes me want to keep going.


3. Why should people choose you / your product / service?

I am not good at hyping myself up at all LOL, I avoid talking about myself at all costs usually but one reason why people should choose me is that, to be honest, I am just relatable. I have probably gone through every kind of situation, emotion, and experience (rejection, heartbreak, life changing moments, moving across the country and knowing no one, acne, all that) in my life so at the end of the day I can talk to someone, interview them, and just make them feel comfortable enough to make them feel like they can tell me anything and everything because chances are, I have felt it too and can relate to their stories. I am just a super chill person that loves getting to know everything about another person while just wanting to have fun, talk about crushes, take bomb selfies, make video clips, all that!


4. What comes first for you, money or emotions?

Emotions. I do love working hard to get that bread though.


5. Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.

Photoshoot with Joely Live.

This is a show I pitched, started, and produce. It started on TikTok and has made its way too many other platforms. Each week I host a livestream where every day girls and big influencers come to set, get their makeup done, I interview them, and we take photos together – it is a full photoshoot party meant to make anyone and everyone feel empowered in their own skin and gaining confidence too. The messages I have received from moms and the kids after the shoots have really changed my life. When a mom tells you that they have never seen their kid so lite up and happy that really affects you. When I watch the behind the scenes videos from the shoots, my emotions have never felt more proud, like it is something I am meant to do. This show is the reason where I am today and is something no one will ever be able to take away from me.

Getting my 4-year college degree in 2-years all online while earning the NYS Chancellor’s Award and Summa Cum Laude.

Looking back on it, I am so glad that my parents always kept telling me that I needed a college degree. That is another thing they told me no one will ever be able to take away from me; an education. What is even crazier is that I earned the Chancellors Award (the most prestigious award for a SUNY college graduate for New York State) and I didn’t even step foot on campus – that will always make me feel some type of way.


6. How do you handle the pressure?

I absolutely love being under pressure. I like to so much because that means that I have something going on, that I am doing big things. In order to handle the pressure though, I make sure I get up super early in the morning and go straight to the gym, then, I call my mom and talk to her 24/7, and she always helps and hypes me up. If I am under pressure because of an interview I am about to host with someone, I just eat, sleep, breathe the subject so that either way, I am prepared and know everything there is to know about that person. Plus, if I do well, I’ll be able to post about it – LOL that is a good motivator.


7. What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Don’t wait for the phone to ring, go out and make it happen! Be humble to keep improving yourself. So many people are going to tell you that you need to do this, they need to see that, so go out and make an opportunity for yourself. My agents told me if I wanted to be a host, I needed a hosting reel. SO I walked around New York City with a camera and a microphone and interviewed random strangers in order to have content for my reel. My agent told me I would get more work in LA, so I packed up and 2 weeks later I was in LA. If you want it, you can go get it – just make sure you take bomb selfies and post while you’re doing it too 😉

8. Who inspires you most?

My parents – I need to show them all the sacrifices they have made for me are worth it.

I had a lovely time doing this interview with Global Biz. Wishing the entire team behind and the readers all the very best.
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