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Kate Alexeeva is full of beauty with brains. Without any second thoughts, she is a perfect example of how a model should be, both physically and mentally. We cant wait to introduce you all to here.

Global Biz is so proud to feature Jekaterina Aleksejeva !

Interview with Kate Alexeeva

1.What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e., What is your source of motivation ?

Well. simple answer – my job. I am a busy bee and workaholic, so normally my morning starts from dozen of things I have to do before lunch time. As being a model, my day schedule is very tight managing photoshoots, work on social media, as well as keeping my body in a good shape. But all this hard work pays off when i see ready pictures for brands and those works are my motivation.


2.What made you realize you would get into this ?

I started to be an influencer approximately a year ago. Before that I was also doing a couple of brand promotions but I didnt earn anything from that.  But when i got a few offers from brands to work with them, I got pretty excited. The main thing what I personally like about this work is that I liked those brands even before I worked for them. It is a pure pleasure to promote brands you like and use regularly.


3.What are your cash flow projections ? What will you need as an investment ?

For a model, the main place to invest is yourself. Beauty costs a lot, so the big part of my earnings are invested in me. However, I have currently started to work on my IT infrastructure, which I am planning to connect with my life after modelling.


4.What comes first for you, money or emotions ?

If you are willing to earn a good amount of money, you should never forget about your emotions. Thus is the way how business works. You have to put your emotions aside, otherwise they will act as brakes for your career. Business doesnt like dramatic people I would say.


5.Tell us about an accomplishment you are most proud of.

I am proud of everything I already did. Currently, i am very proud that I have been selected to represent my beautiful country, Latvia in big beauty pageant – Miss Grand International 2019. I am very excited about this pageant specifically because the main idea of it is focused on saving the world from wars and violence.


6.How do you handle pressure ?

The pressure is inevitable. When it gets too hard, I just take a day off and go to spa or stay closer with nature. Also, evening out with good friends can be a wonderful solution.


7.What advice would you give to someone starting out ?

Just believe in yourself and keep going forward. Chase your dreams and dont let anyone put you down. And dont think it will be easy out there. No ! Only hard work will bring you to the top. 

Thanks a lot Global Biz for this amazing opportunity. Wishing you and the readers nothing but the best in all that you do ! Never give up.
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