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Lex Junior is an entrepreneur, marketing specialist, web designer, content creator, and owner of Rebel Revamp Marketing Agency based in Fayetteville, North Carolina. As a creative she loves assisting business owners and entrepreneurs, enhance their business ideas while solving their marketing and branding needs via social media and traditional marketing.

It is such a pleasure to feature Lex Turner Jr at Global Biz.

Interview with Lex Turner Jr

1. What gets me out of bed in the morning?
Building a legacy is what motivates me as a business owner. Striving to break generational curses and create better opportunities for my family is a constant reminder to excel daily in my business.
2. What made you realize you wanted to do this?
As a creative, I realized I wanted to become a marketing specialist and assist other entrepreneurs and small business owners once I realized the affects my skills had on my prior businesses. I’m constantly thinking of creative ideas and methods, while taking a few courses a year prior to launching my marketing agency, my professors motivated me to take my skills further. With strategic planning and studying, I knew that this route was destined for me.
3. Why should people choose you / your product / service?
People should choose Rebel Revamp Marketing Agency’s services and products because of our overall goal, which is to enhance our clients and customers brand’s visibility + marketing skills in an authentic, yet creative atmosphere both traditionally and via social media. At Rebel Revamp HQ, our products and services are  strategically created to assist with everyday marketing and branding needs that are aimed to generate leads, boost conversions, and increase engagement rates in competitive industries.
4. What comes first for you, money or emotions?
I would personally have to select passion (emotion). I strongly believe that when one is passionate it is reflected within their work. For me, I am a passionate creative, each project I take on I treat it as if it is a project for my own brand. My passion finds my creativity, allowing me to channel these emotions into what is presented in front of me as a business owner and creative. 
5. Tell me about an accomplishment that you’re most proud of.
An accomplishment that I am most proud of is receiving my master’s degree in social work in December 2017 while recovering from a double back procedure a few months prior. Not many were aware or understood the strength and dedication it took to achieve this. I am very proud of myself for being able to accomplish such a major milestone in my life. 
6. How do you handle pressure?
I handle pressure by remaining in solitude until I feel balanced or find a solution. Battling with anxiety is not the most easiest task, therefore incorporating strategies I’ve learned along the way helps me when the pressure presents itself. Reminding myself as an entrepreneur that some things are completely out of my control is also an additional coping mechanism and allows me to relax in such a chaotic environment. 
7. What advice would you give someone starting out?
Advice I would share for an aspiring entrepreneur is that success does not happen overnight and to keep your expectations to a minimum when it comes to expecting everyone to understand your vision. Understanding that networking is key, stepping out to connect and collaborate with other business owners is such an important marketing method regardless of the industry. Creating a blueprint (business plan) before launching is also an essential vessel to anyone starting out. Remember not everyone will see your vision, so it is up to you to get the world to see it from your perspective. 
Thankyou so much Global Biz for this opportunity to let me thoughts out to the audience. Wishing the team all the very best for this initaitve.
Lex Turner Jr
Lex Turner Jr
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