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Creating Memories for the past Eight years, Frames n FIlms Studios are one of the best Wedding Photography & Film company in India, from covering a Half day wedding to shooting a 7 Day destination wedding with over 3000 guests across the lengths and breadth of India.

Frames n Films Studios are a content company for Audio Visual content for Lifestyle, Weddings and Corporate shoots, headed by Mr. Rupesh Ratna – A Photographer and Visualiser himself, taking care of the entire shoot and post production with his team giving you a seamless experience.

Global Biz is so happy to have a word with Rupesh, CEO of Frames n Films.

Interview with Rupesh Ratna

1.What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e., What is your source of motivation?


Work, just the thought of working and going to office to work for myself gives me enough motivation for the day ahead. There are very few people who can work for themselves on projects they like and earn and sustain a successful business. Luckily I am one of them and for me hard work beats Talent on any given day and that is the motivation I have which has kept me in the industry for more than 7 years now.


2.What made you realize you would want to do this ?


It was a slow revelation, not that I always wanted to be a photographer, but yes films were a thing I wanted to be a part of and they moved me to an extent where I wanted to be related to it in any remote way – and photography has given me that opportunity and am grateful to have realized it. Being a film buff – right from Akira Kurosawa, Satyajit Ray, Kubrick to Francois Truffaut to Tarantino to Ang lee I could go on an on… I was fascinated by the visuals and how they can move our human psyche. So to answer your question, Films were the realization for me which pushed me into this industry!


3.Why should people choose you / your product / service ? 

I started out with a close friend 8 years back in this field and have not looked back since.  People should actually check out all of things out there and then choose us if they like our work and match their expectations and once they are confident, be assured we do our best to make the shoot a memorable one for each and every client of ours. They should choose us : For Timely deliveries, Systematic approach and an amazing experience in photography and films.

4.What comes first for you, money or emotions? 

Emotions once you get it right, Money does flow in.

5.Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of. 

To build an amazing team who are every bit good or in most cases better then I am, working alongside them to create something of value for our clients is something am proud of. 


6.How do you handle the pressure? 

By working and solving all the challenges that comes our way HEADON! There is no escape from pressure and am sure all of us would agree on this. But you need to look at the outcome of things rather than the situation to handle pressure and handle then well.


7.What advice would you give to someone starting out ? 

Work. Get out of home and do any kind of work. Keep on working instead of sitting at home and wasting time. Also the most important thing is attitude – Have a good attitude and you will get work, Have a bad one and no matter how good you are, everyone will run away from you. 

Second and the most important thing I would like to advice specially to creative individuals and artists – THINK ABOUT MONEY! Yes you do work and you create Art, but Money matters in real world. At the start of your career you may have to work for very little fee. But once you prove yourself – Do think about Money and never work for free. Never leave Money no matter how small an amount it is. I have made this mistake and I cannot emphasize the difference those small petty amount make in your overall finances.

Thanks a lot for the feature. Really had a great time doing this. Wishing the entire team at Global Biz all the very best.
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