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Imperial is an importer and supplier of luxury kitchen and bathroom fixtures, with roots and values firmly set in the design-build industry. They are specialized in but not limited to kitchen and bath wellness that is perfect for any project – hotel, multi-unit development or single family. They believe that kitchens and bathrooms are more than a function, that they are the true heart of a home, a workplace or a retreat.

Interview with Timothy Roman

1. What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e., What is your source of motivation? 

Regret and my long term goals. Macro vs micro. I have macro patience which means I can see what the next 5-20 years look like but I must hustle and work my face off everyday, every hour and every minute which is the micro. 

2. Why should people choose your product / service ? 

Customer service and attention to detail. We are all about account management and relationships versus transactions and $ volume. 

3. What are your cash flow projections? When will you break even? How much will you need in investments? 

We have been cash flow positive since the launch of the company and have grown 100% year of year since. 

4. What comes first for you money or emotions? 

Neither, rationale! Everything must be analyzed before emotions kick in and money is the by product so that stays for last. 

5. Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of. 

My success story being featured in “Crushing InGary Vaynerchuks latest NY Times Best Selling book. 

6. How do you handle the pressure? 

By not letting emotions get in the way of rational decision making and keeping in mind that 99% of the things to do not matter outside of health so everything becomes small in comparison to the one uncontrollable factor. 

7. What advice would you give to someone starting out ? 

Be as patient as you can be. Niche down In the beginning and don’t try to master everything, grow afterwards. If you truly believe in something don’t give up and pursue that goal even if you fail a bunch along the way. Block the negative noise which might come from some of the closest people like your family members even your Mom & Dad! 
Thankyou so much ! It is a pleasure to reach out to audience through our service and experience. Wishing you all the very best !
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